December 10th, 2009

I'm Batman

Nanananananananananananananana Hawkmaaaaan!

Shortpacked!: Lucrative possibilities.

Man, it's been a while since Batman's clocked someone.

So this Hawkman was a fun surprise. He came in the box that my Man-Bat came in. Feywulf sent me some extra surprises which included the rest of Kalibak's parts. Thing is, one of the Kalibak parts came in a packaged Hawkman toy! So I have a Hawkman.

I've actually sorta been wanting Hawkgirl for a while, but I've never seen her. Girls who can fly are hot. And this Hawkman figure kinda whets my appetite for her. See, these wings of his are awesome. They're giant, they're fairly articulated, and .. well, they're giant. Hawkman also comes with three accessories: a sword, a mace, and a shield. When he's not holding the mace or the sword, you can stash one of them away in a loop on his belt. Between the accessories, the weapon storage, and the wings, he's pretty damn awesome. Almost enough to make me like Hawkman!

As a crazy extra that I didn't notice until feywulf pointed it out to me, he did some slight custom work on the packaging. He taped on a "Public Enemies" logo and put Batman's name over Hawkman's. See, the reference is, in "Public Enemies," Batman cosplayed as Hawkman while he raided Lex Luthor's White House. That always struck me as a little dumb of him, since Hawkman doesn't wear gloves, and so Bruce Wayne's fingerprints are damn near friggin' everywhere now. Whuh-oh.

In other words, I guess this photo is technically Batman about to club the fuck out of himself.