December 9th, 2009


Why his shoulders hurt?

Shortpacked!: Different approach, similar results.

Hey! Patch Together tells me that the Amber statues arrived in the States last week, but they've been stuck in customs. They expect to start working their magic on them some time next week!

Man, customs is so not my friend.

So the comic book store version of this year's BotCon comic book is out now, and you can buy it. ("Wings of Honor," Transformers: Timelines #4) If you weren't at BotCon, and your local comic book retailer carried it, you can now read it yourself.

Mostly I care because it has a profile for everybody's favorite FREE ORANGE HOT SHOT, Dion!

What do we learn? Stuff, I guess. It says he has twin flame throwers, so Dion's probably getting the Japanese version of the Hot Shot mold (pictured on the right), which is very good! Not only does that mean he gets his launchers, but it also means he'll have the gap molded into his back kibble that accommodates them in vehicle mode. And since there's so much physical-space-sharing going on with those backpack pieces, any gap back there helps make him not a frustrating unposeable pile of plastic. He'll be able to move his arms better than he would've otherwise! So, woo!

(Hilariously enough, one of Dion's weaknesses is apparently his arms. They get locked sometimes, restricting their movement. Hahahaha. Meta.)

I can't wait for spring for this dude. I need him now.