December 8th, 2009


Will they check it twice?

Shortpacked!: I thought about throwing in a few dozen nigh-identical panels at the middle there, but nah.

Well, put Shortpacked! reader Stobert on the naughty list! He, too, was appalled at what he saw in Monday's strip and reported it directly to Oh, he's a stinker.

Of course, there's no guarantee the admins will, uh, let this past screening. And all posts do have to be screened. It all depends on how awful they actually are, as opposed to the awfulness they're merely inspiring and encouraging.

Steve Troop of Melonpool gave us a peek into one possibility for today's strip that didn't pan out. D'oh! So close. Maybe the next time our strips cross over.

And, hey, what else you guys got?


So Game Informer magazine says there's a G1 Transformers game coming out next year! From Activision, the same folks who brought you the two live-action movie video games. Seems they want to do a Transformers game every year from now on, and since there's no movie next year, they're digging deeper into the franchise. So, hey. Transformers: The War for Cybertron. I'd link you to the pictures that the Allspark put up to break this news, but the news broke them, sorta. So, uh, maybe go to the link to the TFwiki article I just gave you, if this Allspark link doesn't work. Oh, fragile Internet infrastructure...

I'm surprised my site survived Questionable Content's wanging of me on Monday! My site must be beefy tough.