December 6th, 2009

I'm Batman


Shortpacked!@TNI: Honorable mention: forklift.
Shortpacked!: It's a real website.

Hey, it's my coveted Catwoman! The black one! She was sent to me from a man named "Christopher," who only wanted awesome Captain America art in return. (See below.)

A purple redeco of her is available right now at Walmart, part of a $55 five-pack boxset, but I didn't want purple. I want the black original, 'cuz this costume design of hers (Darwyn Cooke's, right?) is by far my favorite. Goggles for the win! (I also would have paid for one with her wearing the ball gown and realistic cat head mask.) The black original is from the DC Superheroes line, and she comes with a buttload of accessories, probably because she's small and female.

She has her whip and a stolen cat idol and some jewels... oh, and she has a backpack. I wasn't expecting the backpack! The backpack is awesome, especially since it has a cute little tiny cat head sculpted onto the face of it. It's kinda hard to get it on, so I made Graham do it. It's a tight fit!

But the backpack is a thoughtful addition. Where does she pocket these things she steals? In her backpack, of course! (Well, not the cat idol. It's about twice the backpack's size. But, you know, if she's stealing candy bars or whatever.)

After I stupidly stole Jeph Jacques characters for my Friday strip (after cleverly getting away with it the first time), he sued me for quite a large sum! He thought he had me, but I apparently own a very large number of remaindered Justice League Batmen and Supermen, with an accumulated worth that you wouldn't believe. Sure, each one is probably near-worthless, but added up? So, wow, my attic is empty, and I averted financial disaster, and now Jeph has stupid numbers of Batmen. IN YOUR FACE, ASSHOLE.