December 2nd, 2009



Shortpacked!: No, his last name wasn't Galan. Though, hm.

Yikes! I was too busy drawing comics (and watching TBS The Office repeats on Tivo) when I realized it was suddenly 10pm! I needed to put together my blog! So I ran upstairs and got on IRC for another 40 minutes.

Anyway, I threw some toys together and called it a day. Laziness? NO. Well, sort of. But there's a reason, I assure you!

A few days ago when I was waxing about Leo Prime, I mentioned how I fanonized him into the abandoned Universe conflict area of the multiverse. Grab any group of dudes, place them on any planet in any universe in any time period, and have them fight another random bunch of dudes! And I thought, a long long while ago, that it was sort of partially fortunate that the ongoing Universe storyline kind of went away.

We have a beginning, and we have an end. But we don't have a middle!

But that's awesome. That makes it mythical. Expandable. You don't have to get from point A to point C. It's the many many many many unconnected point Bs in the middle that are interesting. Basically, I'd love a Universe series that's like Star Wars: Clone Wars. You know how it began and how it ends, but there's just all these stand-alone stories just stuck there right in the middle.

Maybe someday when I get some free time I'll write some.

Anyway, it's 11:02 now, and I'm 2 minutes late. Close enough to on time! Enjoy my rushed blog.