December 1st, 2009


Lotta spots

Shortpacked!: Cocksblock?

Hey, remember my fabled FREE ORANGE HOT SHOT? Well, you all can see pictures of Elite Guard Dion now! Everybody! And he's gorgeous. Between his orange, blue, and nigh-white silver, he looks like a toy of my Joyce and Walky! website.

And that car mode deco is great! Kind of a weird patch of unpaintable plastic there, but otherwise I think I love him.

Anyway, check out my pile of Cheetors on the right. I put together an image for the top of Cheetor's toys page on the Transformers Wiki, incorporating whatever Cheetors I had lying around, and thought I'd share. (Man, why can't I find either of my Nightslash/Universe2003 Cheetors?)

See, our good friend Abates filled out, like, pages and pages of stuff for Cheetor's Beast Wars cartoon and Beast Machines cartoon appearances, and so we only had to hack at what little remained to get Cheetor's page complete enough to graduate to a Featured Article.

And so he's our December Featured Article!

What I'm saying is, I have too many Cheetors.