November 30th, 2009


Where's my lady parts?

Shortpacked!: Get a room!

Graham found me a white-coated The Doctor the day before Thanksgiving. I mentioned a bit ago that I was worried that I wouldn't find the white one, so I bought the black one just in case, since he was pretty hard to find at the time. You know, so I could paint the black coat white if I had to. But now I just get to keep the black one as-is! Sweet. I kinda like him.

But hey, white lab coat? You're going on my Dr. Biggles-Jones.

Well, as soon as I find her. You know how something is everywhere, right under your nose, until you actually need to find it? That's how my Dr. Biggles-Jones kitbash is treating me right now. I swear I saw it like every other day, somewhere. Where? Who knows. She eludes me.

God dammit.

I'm thinking the only way I can find it is by buying a new Scarlet/Lady Jaye pair to kitbash together, but I really think that's a little excessive.

Anyway, as of this update (11pm EST), there's an hour left for yesterday's Joyce and Walky! sale. If that interests you, get on the ball! Offer expires while you wait. Operators are standing by.

Woo, Scrubs returns tonight (Tuesday)! Don't try to talk me down. I'm going to enjoy it.