November 29th, 2009


Fist bump!

Shortpacked!@TNI: Someone said the magic words!
Shortpacked!: Comedy routines are, by default, recycled material.

What's up, dawgs?

It's Cyber Monday! No, that doesn't mean that it's time to cyber anyone. I mean, some people probably will. But not me. And hopefully not you, at least not right now. But what Cyber Monday really means is crazy things to buy for cheap prices online! Everybody's doing it.

Here's something you can have for a penny! Apparently this old Shortpacked! coloring book page by Matthew N is making the rounds, and even though it's my coloring book and the only reason that the image is even on the Internet is because I published it on my own blog a long, long while ago, people are falling all over themselves to tell me about it. But seriously, there is a Shortpacked! coloring book. I forgive you for not knowing about it because I haven't linked it in years. So, hey, guys, it exists! And I'll take this opportunity to plug it again.

It's just a PDF of a collection of pages, but it's still fun. If you want it, click this link for more information or the donation button below. After a successful transaction you will be carried to a download page.

And here's another Cyber Monday deal! Pick any one year of subscription Joyce & Walky! for just $10! That's a savings of $14, since a year is usually $24. Choose Year 1 (2005-2006), Year 2 (2006-2007), Year 3 (2007-2008), or Year 4 (2008-2009). You can only have a year chunk (August through September), no mixing and matching individual months. But still, an incredible deal! And this is the first time Year 4 has been offered like this on sale. It'll only be good for the duration of Monday! After Monday, no deal.

Deal over! Thanks, everybody.

And, of course, Shortpacked! Book 2 is still on sale for $9.95.

Is that it? Hrm. I think so.