November 23rd, 2009


And he can talk, dammit. He just chooses not to.

Shortpacked!: Faz can always be counted on to deliver a punchline.

Damn you, Revenge of the Fallen! You put my beloved Transformers Animated toys on hiatus. But they're finally trickling back! Happy days are here again!

Case in point: Electrostatic Soundwave, seen on the right. So it's a Soundwave redeco, big deal. I wouldn't have bought it either, but... see, this Soundwave does not come with Laserbeak, but instead he comes with Ratbat. Ratbat the friggin' keytar.

So this purchase was happening. Soundwave himself is going in a bin, but Ratbat is one of the items in this world I have most coveted. (This version of Soundwave did show up in the cartoon, but as one of several digital duplicates within a virtual world.)

Ratbat is a very thick keytar. He's thick enough that it's a problem for Soundwave to hold him in some poses. The culprit is Ratbat's transformation. From bat to keytar mode, he accordions apart in the middle and doubles up on himself. He looks the same from the back as he does from the front, short the bat head. The head is on a shallow ball joint that you have to rotate for transformation, and this also allows you to cock his head to one side in bat mode if you wish. I thought at first that he could swap the side that his head was on, looking at the jointing there, but I don't believe this is so. Sorry, you can only face him one direction, same as Laserbeak.

His bat mode has a lot more articulation than I thought he would, even after transforming him the first time. In addition to his balljointed head, each of his wings can rotate at the middle, and you can point the tips up or down almost a full 90 degrees. Of course, he can't really stand if his wings are pointed down 'cuz his legs are tiny. But still, not bad considering his accordion-like transformation.

Ratbat has the same knobs on the face of his instrument mode that Laserbeak does, allowing him to be pegged into Soundwave's inner forearms. Ratbat also has the same-shaped feet as Laserbeak so that Ratbat can also be perched on Soundwave's back or outer forearms in either mode.

Electrostatic Soundwave's wavemate is a silver Jazz. So no, you can't run out and get Arcee or anything. It looks like she and Cybertron mode Ratchet are gonna be Toys"R"Us exclusives anyhow.