November 19th, 2009

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Man, when was the last time I blogged Transformers?

Shortpacked!: But who's Robin? That's who I'm stuck at.

Next week is Thanksgiving, which is followed by the serpentine menace of BLACK FRIDAY, so Target's been gearing up their toy section. Part of their lineup of exclusive Transformers products are a Revenge of the Fallen 5-pack of Legends Class toys titled "Straightaway Shootout." Blah blah Ironhide, blah blah Mudflap, blah blah Swerve, blah blah Runamuck, blah blah... Sparkcrusher?

Hrm. Sparkcrusher looks familiar...

Oh, hey, he's actually a trademark-challenged Gutcruncher! And that's why I have this set. See, Gutcruncher was an Action Master. Everyone remembers the Action Masters, the Transformers who couldn't transform? There were some unique characters to the series, such as Gutcruncher, and I've always wished that Hasbro would make transforming versions of those guys. And one by one, they seem to be. Very slowly.

So Sparkcrusher here is a redeco of Warpath. Whoever at Hasbro decoed him did a pretty good job. He's got the colors in mostly all the right places, while compensating for the toy's transformation. And his thighs were painted gray (on top of green plastic) to further cement the Gutcruncher motif.

It's too bad he's so tiny! And, uh, that he comes with yet another Legends Mudflap. I have two of him now, 'cuz they keep putting him in box sets with other guys that I want! I wish he were his twin brother Skids instead or something. Woof. I've owned all of these molds previously with the exception of Ironhide's. Ironhide's Legends toy ain't too bad. It goes from a Topkick truck to his robot form pretty simply and effectively, with the arms coming from the top and the legs on the bottom and the chest out in front. Impressive for his size. I could have lived with not having one, but impressive nonetheless.

Since Sparkcrusher there is a Legend Class guy, he does look pretty dinky next to the other transforming Action Masters I've acquired. It especially hurts 'cuz he's a tank, and so putting him next to Axer the motorcycle is just plain weird-looking. That this year's BotCon-exclusive Banzai-Tron is a friggin' giant compared to both of them helps matters none. But hey, throw in a plain-ol' Action Master Krok, and the median height ain't so far above Sparkcrusher's armspan no more.

The final verdict is, if you love Action Masters, you probably need this guy. And Warpath's toy was always pretty damn solid, so that's in the toy's favor as well. He's still got the interesting transformation and the wide range of articulation uncharacteristic of the smaller Legend Class toys. But he comes in a set with four other dudes for $20. Is that a dealbreaker for just one dude?