November 18th, 2009

I'm Batman

Weirdly, Man-Bat was in two different comic books I picked up today.

Shortpacked!: It's a new storyline! It was originally Monday's strip, but then some stand-alones happened.

Check out my Man-Bat! He can be currently found in Walmart stores if you rub two pixies together and sell your firstborn. Thankfully my dear reader/god Feywulf was happy to do this for me, and so now I have one. Hoorays!

As I understand it, Man-Bat is a sculpt that was originally created for the old DC Superheroes toyline (the one that evolved into DC Universe Classics) but didn't get released. But then they did him in white for a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive a few years ago. And now he's in his traditional brown! In Wave 10 with Joker and some other guys you'll never ever find!

He's pretty swanky.

The sculpt is definitely interesting. I love his bestial face, with its gaping maw and fangs. He's got spiky, sculpted hair all over him. And, woo, those leathery wings. It is kind of a pain to get the wings into a pose where they look nice -- you don't want to interrupt the flow of the leathery fields, but it's hard to do so while keeping him looking dynamic. He's just gonna have to have gaps.

Unlike most DCUC toys, he doesn't have hip articulation that allows his legs to spread. Probably because he's a sculpt that predates the line, if I had to guess. But, eh, he doesn't really need it. It'd kinda ruin the look of his jeans anyway.

Hrm. Who else in Batman's Rogues Gallery do I need? Catwoman? Maybe Mr. Freeze? I think the rest may not be up to my standards.