November 16th, 2009

I'm Batman

Deadshot likes to keep his distance.

Shortpacked!: Jake was the forgotten Koopaling.

You know, I never saw Cheetah's three-pack. I don't think there were ever a good number of her (stateside) on eBay. Did she ever actually come out, for real? Am I going to have to buy one from Hong Kong?

I ask because the wave after hers is out! This wave includes the guys you'd probably never thought you'd see, especially when the line first started years and years ago and it could barely manage a Lex Luthor. That's right, it's fat lady and old dude! But, kids, they come with Batman!

We're just short a "REPUBLIC SENATOR!" starburst on the packaging.

Holy crap, it's an Amanda Waller toy. It's an all-new-sculpt Amanda Waller toy! (How hilarious would it have been if she were just a new head on the standard female body, eh? Ha ha ha ha.) Every part of her is new, which makes this even crazier. She has the standard hip and shoulder and neck articulation, but she also has waist articulation! Whoa! The skirt is rubbery, see. (Why didn't they just make it one solid block down there, anyway, instead of giving her joints like they did? That's going the extra mile, there. Bravo, Mattel.) She also comes with a stand, since all girls do in this line, but she doesn't need it. Her feet are wide enough and her center of balance good enough that it's not necessary. So I gave the stand to Batman. His cape has always been heavy, and Bruce Timm's designs basically walk on toothpicks.

There's also General Wade Eiling! He eventually drank some supersoldier serum and became a monster in an episode that was very transparently Bush Doctrine commentary. Woof. Eiling's sculpt is, surprise, the Two Face/Clock King body with a new head and some paint apps to give him military stripes and badges. He also stands fine, as that body always tends to.

Man, what the hell. Why do these exist? I'm not complaining, but this is usually the stuff of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.