November 12th, 2009


Thighmasters of the Universe

Shortpacked!: To touch a booby, perchance to dream.

Today's strip is based on a real comment I read on Mattycollector's Facebook page. I saw it and I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? I was robbed of drawing Adora, but I really think showing the actual toy photo drives in the point a little more pointedly. Lord knows I tend to draw my thighs a little chunky anyway.

Anyway, there was a period of time yesterday in which I was feeling I was kinda mean in my previous two strips towards IDW for their dumb comic book. But then today they deleted a swath of critical posts from their message forums, and I changed my mind. Apparently they just deleted an area of a thread where one of their moderators went totally nuts and called everyone morons and exploded in a fury of crazy? Well.

To the right is my Two-Face! I was debating for a while whether to hunt down this much older black/white Two-Face or just buy (loose off eBay) the orange/purple one that you can find everywhere in that $55 Walmart-exclusive DCUC five-pack.

So I asked my peeps! Aeire demanded monochrome. Eric Burns-White demanded crazy. I was actually kinda liking the crazy one, just for variety's sake, since my Bruce Timm-style Two-Face is black/white-suited. And the orange/purple was his original colors. But, y'know, I do really like the black/white suit.

Anyway, I saw a (relatively) cheap black/white one on eBay and the decision was made. Aeire wins! Sorry, Eric.

He's Riddler's body, being the original use of the mold, but he has a different head and a tommy gun. Oh, and this one doesn't have two left legs. Not that, again, I can tell. (In fact, the legs are so similar it took a while to really figure it out for certain.)

But hey! Two-Face! He's important! And now I have him.