November 11th, 2009

I'm Batman

Sacred defecations

Shortpacked!: I'm going to get so many people mailing me about the intentional typos, aren't I?

So I guess I have an almost-complete Kalibak now?  I got his torso a long time ago with Killer Moth.  I didn't really have any use for a Kalibak torso in the conventional way, so I used it throughout the summer to wedge my window open to let a breeze through.  

Sometimes it would fall out the window, and I'd go outside and bring it back in and wedge my window open with him again.  And at some point he fell out during heavy rain.  Well, I'm not going outside to retrieve him now!, I thought.  And then I forgot about him.  And then he was pretty disgusting.

But the Man-Bat that Feywulf had mailed me arrived today, and holy crap, there were a pile of Kalibak parts with him.  So out I went, dug Kaliback out of the muddy ground, washed him up best I could, and now I have a Kalibak.  Well, a left-legless Kalibak.

See, his left leg comes with Captain Marvel!  Mike Wickliff sent me a free loose Captain Marvel along with my Riddler.  He asked me at the time if I wanted any build-a-fig parts.  Well what were the chances I'd ever end up with a nigh-complete Kalibak?  So I told him no.


Edit: Anyway, Mike got back to me and my Kalibak leg will be on its way!  Huzzah!

Reminder: Just two days left to bid on the Mike/Amber Smoochy-Smoochy original page!  You know, if you have upwards of $325 to throw around.  Holy Crap: Reprise.