November 10th, 2009



Shortpacked!: It's really all kinds of embarrassing. 

Hey, remember back around my Weddings when I ran a bunch of guest strips?  Well, the folks behind Tiny Kitten Teeth sent me their original painted art from their entry!  Holy balls, dudes!  As if that weren't crazy enough, it came with some black and white sketches of Mike, Ethan, and Batman.  

I will need to frame this somewhere.

And down to the left is my current above-desk display of DC Universe Classics dudes.  (Minus Deathstroke and Captain Atom.)  Today I got Scarecrow in the mail from Sean Whitmore, of  Scarecrow's from waaaaaay back in the "DC Superheroes" phase of the toyline, but he's one of the few that has decent enough articulation to pass for a member of the current toyline.  I'll talk about him in detail later.  Probably Monday?  Hrm.

I've also got Two-Face and Harley Quinn to talk about as well, now that I think about it.  Oh, and I have a Man-Bat coming!  Yeah, I'm rounding up these guys pretty quickly.  

Funny thing is about today's strip, if I'd written and drawn it today instead of yesterday, it would probably have been about the endless list of ridiculously stupid errors in Transformers Continuum: The Definitive Chronology, not how dumbly vague it was about everything.  Before, we only had five preview pages to go on.  But today, we have yet another preview page and a review or two of the rest of the contents. 

Mind, even in the first previewed page stuff is out of whack.  It erroneously says their Megatron was originally a slave, not a bottom-rung mine worker.  Well, that's fine, until you remember the reason he rebelled and began the Decepticons is because they were SHUTTING DOWN HIS MINE AND LETTING HIM GO.  Megatron hates freedom! 

Jesus, IDW, if you can't bother to read your own stuff while getting paid to do so, why are we forking over our money to you for the same material?   C'mon, reading all your Transformers stuff can't take more than a day.  There's not much of it!  "Definitive Chronology" my ass.