November 9th, 2009


nom nom nom nom

Shortpacked!: Men are from Mars, retcons are from Venus

Our hamster babies are finally old enough to wander out and about their living area themselves.  Ham mommy doesn't like that very much, and will go drag them back to the nest, but ever so often we'll find them eating some food on their own.  So tiny!  Seriously, they're like a centimeter or two long.  The video exaggerates their size.  They could fit on a quarter.  

Anyway, they're adorable.  And there's five, we think.  Five is the most we've seen all together at the same time, but there is a chance there's a sixth or more in there.  But we've seen no evidence for that.  They just spend most their time buried in fluff under their mom's butt, so it's not very easy to get a headcount of them.

I believe they're still blind at this point.  Their eyes haven't quite opened.  So they're just clawing about on the strength of their other senses.  Not that adult hamster sight is incredibly great...