November 8th, 2009

I'm Batman

Batman recruited a teenager with attitude.

Shortpacked!@TNI: It's head-in-a-jar time!
Shortpacked!: Her, uh, anatomy makes slightly more sense than Blackarachnia's.  

Hello!  Everyone and their mother emailed me asking about the lineart for the Mike/Amber Smoochy-Smoochy strip.  Well, you can have it!  But you'll have to fight each other for it first.  That's right, it's auction time.  

As usual, it's on 12"x18" art paper, was rendered in blue pencil and Copic brush marker, and comes to you rolled in a mailing tube.  Add it to your collection!  Or start one.  I'm not fussy.

Auction ends in 5 days.  

So, like, even back before I started getting all the Batman guys from DC Universe Classics, I kinda coveted their Robin.  It was my favorite Robin design ever!  It kinda helps that Tim Drake's One-Year-Later-through-Batman-RIP outfit was based on hisNew Batman Adventures look, sure.  You know me and my Bruce Timm designs.  I liked that the green is dropped and he's just a red, black, and yellow guy.  But the comic takes it a bit further and draws him closer thematically to Batman's motif.  He's got a scalloped cape, for instance.  And those little tufts on his gloves.  And, oh, hey, pockets on his belt!  He's like a mini-Batman with red.  It kinda makes sense, don't it?

I passed it up at the time because I wasn't collectingDCUC, but I am now!  So, yay, an excuse to get him.  And the fun thing is, BigBadToyStore still had him in stock for non-secondary-market prices!  (they don't seem to any more)  And so I was just a day or so away from just going ahead with the whole thing and ordering him when I found that damn Robin at our local Target.  Just sitting there on the shelf.  What?  Okay.  Well.  I guess miracles do happen.  

Robin joins my Batman in punching villains now.  Sometimes he even gets the punching!  (Okay, most of the time.  He's only second behind the Riddler.)  The toy comes with a few accessories.  He's got his martial arts staff that Tim Drake likes to carry around and two Batarangs.  (Robinorangs?  Birdorangs?)  I kinda wish he could store the -rangs in some of his pockets.  But no, they'll probably just get lost.  I prefer the staff.  He also comes with a stand, as he's not part of the "build-a-figure" deal.  

I'm grateful that there's a smaller, teenager-sized body-type for Robin to be.  It just wouldn't do, being the size of everyone else.  Plus, y'know, I guess it'd come in handy for the rest of the Teen Titans.  

Anyway, speaking of Power Rangers, you know how they all wore color-coded outfits when they were in their civilian identities?  Red Ranger wore red, Pink ranger wore pink, etc?  Robin totally did that in the very early comics, I noticed, as I've been reading through my Batman Chronicles collections.  Dick Grayson is always in a yellow collared shirt under a red sweater and green pants.  Wow, that's a bit conspicuous.  Batman probably color-coded his civvies, too, but blue and gray formal wear is a lot less outlandish.