November 5th, 2009


And the masters of the universe

Shortpacked!: He-Man blah blah blah.

Hey, just got back from seeing Ok Go.  That's why we're a little late.

1) What the fuck.

2) Here is the first photo of our baby hams that we were able to take!  They're about a week old now, having been born the day after we realized the little slut was preggers.  

If you disturb her too much or cause her stress, she'll, well, eat the tiny purple turds.  So, yeah, we keep our distance.  But I had a moment of opportunity and took a photo today.  So we finally know there's at least three!  Three tiny purple turds.

They stay buried in the huge nest their mom made for them pretty much always.  The mom will leave to grab food and then disappear back into it. 

Man, how do these things work out?  I mean, she started building a nest a few days before these kids popped out.  How did she know?  No one ever told her how to care for babies, but then she totally does.  She even knows she has to build a nest for them.  

But then, hams tend to cannibalize their young, so it's not a foolproof thing.