November 4th, 2009

I'm Batman

He has a man-sized safe.

Shortpacked!: Underwearabouts.

I thought it would be funny if, while Shortpacked! was preoccupied with monster-fighting superheroics, Joyce and Walky! did Batman jokes.  A switcheroo, if you will, from the norm.  And so it was!  But then Eric Burns-White had a response to the strip, which I replied to at first with a snarky rebuttal in the form of a scripted story.  Well, screw that, I decided in an instant.  That could have been a Batman-themed Shortpacked! strip, wasted as mere prose!  So I deleted my post and basically drew my original script as today's strip.

As I mentioned previously, faithful reader feywulf shipped me a Penguin along with my Joker.  Penguin is from all the way back in the very first wave of DC Universe Classics, so I'm pretty grateful!  He's as short and pudgy as you'd expect, and he comes with a metal-plated machine gun umbrella.  Due to his gut, he doesn't have the standard mid-torso articulation, and his girth deprives him of the standard hip articulation as well.  He can raise his legs forward, but not out to the sides.  

Oh, and he's got kind of an ugly face.

My bestest man Graham and I were talking just the other day about how Penguin is generally kind of an uncompelling villain.  He's just not very interesting.   He's a short ugly dude in a tuxedo who likes umbrellas.  This material could be implemented well, but rarely is.  He's not depicted as a good fighter, nor does he have a compelling backstory.   Heck, in the old Animated Series, he and his thugs were beaten by a pair of of nerdy preteens.  His other chance to shine was the episode where Batman was rendered temporarily blind.  He's just not very threatening.  You have to weaken Batman considerably to make him a credible opponent.

But for some reason he's a very very important villain.  It's always him, Joker, and Catwoman as the Big Three.  Why?  (Probably the 60s show.)

One Penguin that I think got it right was The Penguin from The Batman.  He was more agile and more threatening, but more importantly he was funny and he had a backstory that mingled with Bruce Wayne's.  Character connections can be important.  It also didn't hurt that he was Spongebob.  Future Penguins should take a serious cue from that version.

Hey, those of you who ordered the Amber statue, there's further news.  Patch Together told me yesterday that the statues are on the boat from China and they should be here in the States in a few weeks ready for shipping.  I can't wait!