November 3rd, 2009


Dresstro for Successtro.

Shortpacked!: He probably wants the store across the street.

Now this is the Destro Combat Heroes figure I was wanting!  The first "Movie" figurine of him was actually his Resolute design.  But this is the real deal, pimp suit and everything!  He's carrying a nanotech-firing gun, I guess. 

He comes with Cover Girl, who has an unfortunately small amount of time on the screen.  Poor Cover Girl.  Didn't even get to shoot nobody!  

Anyway, Destro totally had this mask on in the movie for more than thirty seconds. 

Sequel can't come soon enough.

Also, maybe I should have gotten one of those Batman: Brave and the Bold mini-figurine thingies so he could punch this guy.  Ah well.