November 2nd, 2009


The first Ravage that can actually contain the soundtrack to "Cats."

Shortpacked!: And get your damn fool hands out of your pockets!

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra comes out on DVD/Blue-Ray today (Tuesday), and I'm actually pretty excited!  Rise of Cobra was surprisingly a fun, tolerable movie.  And since it didn't go on and on and on and on forever, punctuated with robot-on-chick's-leg action, I'm probably looking forward to watching it more than my copy of Revenge of the Fallen!   I was really looking forward to owning Revenge of the Fallen, sure, but that was to help fill out our beloved Transformers Wiki.  But I'm looking forward to watching Rise of Cobra.  

To celebrate this glorious day, enjoy a photo of Batman punching Rex "The Doctor" Lewis.  (Microman Batman donated by The Last Gamestore.)  I've actually been searching for the white-coated version of Rex so I can steal his labcoat for my Dr. Biggles-Jones kitbash, but he's been mighty scarce.  I saw him for the first time with a batch of the new jungle/arctic/desert-themed guys.  Is that who he's shipping with?  Should I expect to see more of him?  Because if I shouldn't, I'm painting this guy's coat white and ganking it.  

(Man, that's a pretty good likeness on him.)

Anyway, Rex is just a sidebar.  Because of today's strip, as the main event I thought I'd throw in some photos of the actual Device Label Ravage toy, rather than just screenshots of his computer program like I did on Saturday.  He's a pretty big guy!  He's about twice the size of most actual thumb drives, which makes some amount of sense.  Real thumb drives don't have to accommodate an assortment of limbs.  And if you want to carry him around in your pocket without fear of damaging the USB connector, you can slide it right inside.  Thoughtful!  And you could probably get a key ring through the holes in either of his shoulders, but I haven't tried that for myself to confirm.

The working part of the thumb drive is at the back of Ravage's neck, and it hides away inside the torso while in jaguar mode.  The hind legs sort of clasp around it, protecting its tip, and also locking it from accidental movement.  During transformation to jaguar, the head and neck flip around, and the legs unstraighten.  The end!  The jaw is articulated, as are all the limb joints, so you can get him into a number of poses. 

And his head is proportionally larger than most Ravages, so he's kinda adorable.

My Ravage has spent pretty much the entire weekend plugged into one of my USB ports so that his computer program was activated.  I foresee him plugging back in soon, now that I'm done photographing him.  Too bad!  It's a pretty nice Ravage toy.  But it keeps being used on my dumb computer, like some sort of functioning technological device.  What mockery is this?

Eh, I have plenty of Ravage toys.  I guess I can spare one to stick out the front of my desktop machine so a digital kitty can jump around.  (I like seeing him occasionally stalk just outside the borders of my program windows, sometimes only through Vista's transparent title bars.)