November 1st, 2009

I'm Batman

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Shortpacked!: And we're back!

So this guy on the Internet named Feywulf is a pretty nice guy.  He had located both DCUC Joker and the Penguin in his area and wondered if I wanted them.  Well, since Joker's currently more rare than Congressional bipartisanship and Penguin's from ten waves ago, my answer was HELL YEAH.

I'll start with Joker, if only because I needed to make sure I get pictures of him before I start losing his accessories.  I almost lost one of them this afternoon!  The best one, even!  His little laughing fish.  Yeah, he comes with a damn laughing fish.  That's awesome.  But I accidentally knocked him off my desk when I was putting today's strip into the scanner, and it took me about an hour to locate the damn tiny fish on my floor.  The other three accessories aren't bad either.  He's got a deck of playing cards, a big green mallet, and a walking stick with a golden jester head.  

Joker himself is straight-up "classic" Joker.  Golden to silver age, I'd say.  Joker basically still dresses like this, but it's his head's sculpt that makes me think of the older, more neutrally-rendered Joker.  There's no slicked-back hair, for example.  No reinterpretations.  He's just the Joker.

I do wish he held his mallet more securely.  Did it belong to a previous Joker?  Maybe the DC Superheroes one?   'Cuz it doesn't feel like it was sculpted to be held by him, it's so loose.  You can wedge the cards and the fish in his hands okay, though, and the jester stick fits in his palms fine.  

With Joker, Penguin, and also Two-Face in my possession, my Batman Villains are rounding out pretty nicely!  I have a Harley Quinn ordered through eBay set to arrive at some point, and I still need to hunt down a black Catwoman...  Oh, right, and the elusive Walmart Man-Bat.  Is that it?  It's easy to lose track.

Thanks to everyone who's been helping me out!  You are all kings among men.

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