October 30th, 2009



Joyce and Walky!: Laugh it up, you little twerp.  That was my last Reese's Cup.

I wasn't really planning on getting USB Ravage.  I know I have a buttload of Ravages and he'd be a conspicuous absence, but look, he's a $40 2-gig flash drive.  $50 with shipping!  That's kind of retarded. 

I would sort of passive-aggressively explain this to the billion people who email me every week telling me they just found out this thing existed and contacted me right away.  "No, no, I'm not that excited.  It's neat, though!"

But then I found it had a little installable program on it.  Plug in Ravage (or Tigatron) and he'll roam the screen!  Adjust his speed and personality!  Change his name!  Click on him and watch him pounce! 

So,  yeah, I ordered one that day.  I am a fickle creature.  My Ravage arrived this afternoon.  The program will display either Tigatron or Ravage, which is nice.  You don't gotta order the other one to have him jump around your screen.  Switch back and forth to your heart's content!   It's a cheap thrill. 

No, no, wait, it isn't.