October 20th, 2009

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They shoulda called HIM Skids.

 Shortpacked!: I don't have the original font anymore, sadly.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen came out on DVD and Blu-Ray today, and so today I have a review that I've been sort of saving.  I say "sort of" because it was part saving, part "forgetting that I have Jolt."  The mantastic Jin Saotome brought him to me in person at Comic-Con San Diego, where I had a fun-ass time with him, but he got sort of lost in the shuffle of multiple conventions.  

Which is only appropriate, since in the film itself, Jolt sort of got lost in the shuffle of multiple explosions.  He was a late addition to the movie, and you can totally tell.  His few appearances are in the background, shoved under an armpit or behind someone's head.  He does get to use his awesome energy whips to combine Optimus Prime and Corpsey McGee, so that's something, but again, he's not the focus of this scene.  I didn't even notice him on opening night, and had to pay better attention on the second viewing.  

Too bad, because his toy is one of the least clusterfucky of the movie-style carformers.  Yeah, he sort of looks like a shellformer, but he somehow avoids the pitfalls associated with such.  It's a breeze to get him in and out of car mode and back.  He's kinda simple, but just complicated enough to be interesting.  

I sort of held off on him because it's not entirely clear how all of his kibble is supposed to be posed.  So I have the DVD now and I have to say I haven't gotten much more of a clue.  I do know I should be pointing his "wings" straight out back, but his CGI model's feet in no way corresponds to the toy's feet; I'm not sure which way the bumper halves are supposed to point.  So I went with what I thought looked best.

One downside are his electric whips.  They're disappointingly small!  I kinda wish they were a bit longer and tendrilly.