October 19th, 2009

I'm Batman

Punchy punchy.

Shortpacked!: Alley-oop!

(Shortpacked! Book 2 is still on sale!)

So I found myself north of Columbus while Maggie was doing her tutoring, and thought I'd try the Walmart in Delaware, the city north of ours.  Man, I totally found the black Batman from that Wave 10 DCUC stuff I was talking about yesterday!  ...hooray!?

See, the good news is that now it's like this wave actually exists!  ...the bad news is that this wave actually exists.  And it's eluding me.  Grrrr.

As I also said yesterday, Clayface came with a Batman!  A poo-splattered Batman.  He's an older sculpt than my lantern-jawed punchy Batman.  The old one's ribcage is a bit narrower as well as his biceps.  He's about half-an-inch smaller, too.  

And his head is tiny.


punch it

Revenge of the Fallen comes out on Blue-Ray and DVD tonight.  I have a coupon!