October 18th, 2009

I'm Batman

Beware the gay poo monster!

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So now that I have this awesome 6" Batman that loves to punch people, I realized I super-needed some of his Rogues Gallery to serve as his punching bags.  

Ha ha ha ha.  

Yeah, DC Universe Classics is in its tenth wave.  This is not a good jumping-on point.  In fact, I specifically remember Riddlers and Penguins clogging pegs like they were cancer.  Oh ho!  That will teach me to not buy everything I see.

The only Batman villain that's currently readily available in stores isClayface, who comes with his own poo-splattered Batman in a set that's thankfully plentiful at Toys "R" Us.  (Poo-splattered Batman not pictured.)  So I totally bought him!  I hesitated once, because the set is $25 and I get a Batman I don't want, but I am pretty weak.  I went back for him later and got him.

And man, am I glad I did.  He's pretty fantastic!  Yeah, he looks like a poo monster, but what an awesome poo monster he is.  I like his snarled, angry expression and the folds of mud and strings of goop that hang off of him.  Despite being a Giant Clumpy Monster, he has as much articulation as any DCUC figure, from the ankle articulation to the mid-torso bend.  

But here's where he gets awesomer.  His arms are bendy!  Very rubbery and very bendy!  There's little wires in there, and you can fashion his grasping, gloopy arms into just about any pose.  It sorta knocks Clayface from the WIN category into the SUPER WIN.  He's just a fun character and action figure by himself.  

(Too bad the packaging notes that he's the comic book's Basil Karlo, not the Animated Series' Matt Hagen.  Because otherwise we totally need a toy of Hagen's life partner, Teddy Lupus.)

Until I figure out how I'm gonna get more Batman villains from waves past, Clayface will have to make friends with only Killer Moth and Deadshot.  

(So, like, there's this Walmart-exclusive wave that has Joker and Manbat in it.  Has this come and gone, or is it still supposed to be out there and buying them on eBay would be supporting scalpers?  'Cuz I don't wanna support scalpers, Joker and Manbat be damned.)