October 11th, 2009


In LEGOland, I am The Janitor.

Shortpacked!@TNI: I don't even need to be wearing a red shirt for this to happen.
Shortpacked!: (Not that I've ever taken advantage of it, anyway.)

There's a LEGO store here in Columbus now!  It's like totally at Easton Town Center. 

I was previously only familiar with the LEGO store up in Chicago.  That store was pretty huge, and was full of LEGO statues of major Chicago landmarks.  The Columbus store has no such thing.  It's actually pretty small.  Still, it had everything I was really expecting.  

There's the back wall of various colored bricks - fill a small or less small bucket with any combination of bricks you want for a set price.  

There were the Can't Buy These In Normal Stores sets, like the huge-ass Death Star and some adult-targeted City sets.  (It's weird to see a grown, graying man pictured with the set on the front of the package.) 

They also had this thing where you could build three LEGO minifigures and take them home for ten bucks!  There was a pile of torsos, a pile of legs, a pile of heads, a pile of hair, a pile of hats, and a pile of accessories.  Great idea!  Though, damn, I really wish the selection were a bit better.  There were only two kinds of hair, for example - brown boy hair and darker brown girl hair.  There was one girl torso (pirate lass), one boy torso that wasn't a job-related uniform (blue plaid shirt), and a bunch of job-related uniforms.  The selection of faces was a bit better, but when you get to the accessories, you get to choose between only a shovel, a broom, a cup, and binoculars. 

Despite these limitations, I tried to make myself, Maggie, and Steve as LEGO minifigures.  Steve looked pretty not-Steve with brown hair, so I ended up giving him a black cap.  (I also ended up giving him sunglasses, since there was just that one head with anything close to his beard.)  And since I didn't want to have the same shirt as Steve, I ended up wearing the top half of an orange janitor's jersey, gray gloves included!  Maggie, I think, turned out the best, even though she's wearing a pirate lass blouse. 

When I got home, I swapped Maggie and I's LEGO heads into the pirate captain and pirate lass minifigures on the huge-ass LEGO ship that my buddy Swift got us for our wedding.  Now we be sailin' it!  

(Speakin' of my buddy Swift, he has a book out about LEGO!  That's why it's called "The LEGO Book."  It's apparently fucking awesome, and chronicles the entire history of LEGO.  Painstakingly researched!  You should check it out.)