October 8th, 2009

I'm Batman

Theee Baaaaaaaaaaaaatmaaaaaaan and superman

Shortpacked!: The bombshell.

Hey, remember the guest strip week from two years ago featuring "Holiday Bumblebee"?  Jin Saotome even did a custom based on that storyline!  Well, all the original art from that storyline can be yours!  It's up for auction on eBay from the artist, with my blessing.  Brassy has a baby now, and baby needs a new pair of shoes.  So to speak.

It's pretty easy to memorize DPCIs.  All the important stuff in Target's toy section begins with 087-06.  So, really, all you hafta do is remember the last four digits every time there's an assortment creeping into stores.  The 6" Superman/Batman Public Enemies assortment ends with 0805.  I now have a Batman.

(Oddly enough, the employee said there was only this Batman in the case back there.  Methinks another employee grabbed the others...)

This is my first Mattel 6" Batman.  There've been plenty of other Batmen in the DC Universe Classics toyline, but I didn't really like the look of any of them.  The proportions were just too wacky.  I don't like my Batmen pinheaded, nor do I like them to carry giant saddlebag-shaped pouches around on their belt.  I'm pretty happy with this new one, though.  It removes pretty much both of those problems.  His head looks bigger and he doesn't have ridiculously-sized pouches.  The jawline's a little cartoony, but that actually makes me like him more.  Batman shouldn't have a realistic chin.  It should be a block.  A wedge.  A monolith. 

I read on the Interwebs that these figures use a new base body, versus the rest of the line.  (These Interwebs call these base bodies "bucks."  Why is that?  I am new to this terminology.)  I note this is true, comparing Batman and, say, Killer Moth.  Batman's taller, leggier, and bulkier at the shoulders and ribcage.  Probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been told.  The articulation is exactly the same.

There are some things I don't like about this Batman, but they may be limited to my specimen only.  His joints aren't quite tight enough.  This is rough, 'cuz his cape is pretty heavy!  He likes to topple under his own weight.  His abdomen doesn't like to stay folded forward at the middle, either.  He'll slooooowly slide back into straight-spine alignment.  Batman doesn't come with any accessories (other than Brimstone's penis), but his fists are molded closed anyway.  

This is actually my second Ed McGuinness-styled Public Enemies Batman in the 6" scale.  (See photo on left.)  DC Direct did one a long while ago.  It's not nearly as poseable as this toy!  In fact, it's nearly immobile.  I think it's prettier, though, and more accurate to Ed McGuiness's art.  If only you could put the Mattel version's articulation into DC Direct's sculpt!  That said, I'm really enjoying Mattel's Batman.  It comes very close to capturing the Batman in my mind's eye and bestowing it with copious amounts of articulation.