October 7th, 2009


He's a pretty green, though.

Shortpacked!: There's no photo of Dina in here, folks.  Sorry.

God friggin' damn.

See the cement mixer over there on the right?  This is a friggin' sweet cement mixer.  It is a fantastic cement mixer.  Especially as far as Transformers cement mixers go.  The barrel doesn't spin (due to the arms folded up in there), but that little cement pourer/chute thing in the back?  Awesome.  So so awesome.  It just looks great.  I heart this vehicle mode.

Well, fuck, it's just heartbreaking, though.  Why?  Because I spent two cursing hours trying to get Mixmaster from robot mode into this thing.  It was a nightmare.  I hated it.  I gave up twice.  I may have thrown it to the other side of the room, even.  May have.  It was all a blur.  

He's a pile of joints.  Balljoints, hinges, swivels... he's a mess.  An obnoxious mess that hates you, your family, and your heritage.   What a disgusting toy.  And, you'd think, hey, getting him out of vehicle mode back into robot mode must be way easier, right?  Wrong!  Pile of joints, remember?  Grarrgh.  


See, that's part of why Mixmaster is so evil.  He has this one great mode.  This superb mode.  But it's hell to get him into it.  It's torturous hell.  He will make you cry.  I had to transform him back into robot mode to take pictures for this blogpost... and I'm gonna have to spend another two hours getting him into vehicle mode again if I ever want to see its beauty once more.  It's evil.  It's pure evil.

Oh, and he has a "new" head, versus the normal retail non-sold-with-Hoist version.  It's really the original concept-art head, back when he was reportedly supposed to be an Autobot, but Dreamworks changed the design to be more menacing.  But Hasbro was smart and kept the head tooling, so they were able to go back and give him this head for this exclusive version. 

I hate this thing.