October 6th, 2009


TOTALLY normal.

Shortpacked!: Normal

It's Merch Day!

As time marches ever-nearer, I am obligated to remind you folks that preorders for the Amber statue will cease this coming Sunday, October 11. After that day, the statues will go into production, they'll be shipped to their owners, and no more will be made! You've got a few days to think about it, if you're on the fence.

It was also past due for me to update my series of Shortpacked! cast portraits. There've been a few changes at the store since the last one I drew, I wanted something more current, style-wise, and finally I kinda needed a higher-res version anyhow. (I want a new portable table banner for when I exhibit, 'cuz my current one has jaggies. DO NOT WANT.) I blew the afternoon redrawing it. Fitting Ultra Car in is always a compositional nightmare, but you gotta draw the cast you have, not the cast youRumsfeldRumsfeldRumsfeldRumsfeld.

And because why not, I'm throwing it "The Cast 3" as a new Limited Print. I should do those more frequently anyhow.

Here's how we do: I'm limiting this print to just 15 copies, at $20 each. That price includes shipping to anywhere in the world that the USPS will let me ship to. You'll get a full-color 8.5"x11" copy of the "The Cast 3" print on glossy cardstock paper, it'll be signed and numbered, and you can frame it or burn it or draw mustaches on it or whatever you please. Email me at wiigii@hotmail.com if you want to get this process started. Lemme know your shipping address, etc. I accept Paypal or any kind of money order or check so long as it's in United States dollars. Then the print comes to you in a cardboard sleeve easy as you please!

If another of the previous Limited Prints also catches your eye, you can get two for $30! Just lemme know in the email.

Oh, and Shortpacked! Book 2 is still on sale for just $10.  If you want to combine shipping with a print, you can combine your order at the store!  (If you buy more than one print, I'll have to refund you the bulk-purchase difference afterwards, because my store is clunky like that.)