October 1st, 2009


Stupid complicated backgrounds!

Shortpacked!: Eek, I finally dropped the M word!

Transformers fans have been begging Hasbro for a new Hooligan for a while.  Well, here he finally is!  Sort of.  "Hooligan" isn't an available trademark, so Hasbro ganked a name off another obscure Decepticon from around the same time period.  He's Fearswoop now!  But don't worry, the back-of-the-package bio assures us he's the same juvenile prankster as before.

I was sort of on the fence on this guy.  I love myself from Hooligan, but I actually have a pretty good Hooligan.  The original came out just as Transformers was beginning to give their toys articulation, so it's not like replacing an early G1 toy.  The original Hooligan is pretty agreeable, if small.  

Plus, Fearswoop's deco is missing the large swaths of red that really make Hooligan identifiable.  So I wasn't really decided on this guy until I saw him.  You heard me blather on the other day about there being new Transformers stuff out, but nothing I particularly wanted.  But my addiction must be fed somehow!  And so I grabbed him.  Moment of slight weakness.

(And then ten minutes later found other new toys that I absolutely did want, no ambiguity, at another Walmart down the highway.  Ah-heh.  Ain't that always the way.)

It's not a bad purchase, though.  All three of these toys are new to me.  I've never owned a version of the Dreadwing mold from the first live-action movie, and I wasn't really bound to pick up the Legends versions of Sideswipe and Mudflap that he came packaged with.  (They have slash-mark battle damage on them, which is the only thing that differentiates them from the normal mass-release versions.)  And, dude, orange jet!  It's hard for me to pass that kind of thing up.  You know me and orange jets.  

I've heard lots of bad things about Dreadwing's mold, but it's not terrible.  It's also not great, either.  It's got elbow problems, and I have some mild trouble getting the pieces to fit all together in jet mode.  There's some neat stuff about it, too, though.  I like the big camera lens eye.  (It's analogous enough for me to Hooligan's face-less head.)  I also like how the torso widens in transformation to robot mode to reveal the translucent tummy cannon.

As an aside, it's kind of nice that Fearswoop, the jet, is so huge next to these small-scale car Autobots.  It's something akin to real-life scale.  If you like that sort of thing, the packaging bio mocks you, though.  It explains Fearswoop's "huge" size as being caused by an unnamed mystical artifact.  That's why he's so huge, folks!  Not because, you know, he's a friggin' jet.  

As another aside, It's kind of neat that I found both Fearswoop and Skyfall for the first time on the same day.  These are two guys who are both homages to Cyberjets!  That's kinda crazy.  It's the only thing that might make me want to pick up Skyfall, despite my moderate love for whom he homages.  Skyfall's the abominable Universe Silverbolt mold, and having two of it is kinda enough already.  But the idea of getting two new versions of Cyberjet characters tempts me.

Oh, and I'm putting some red on this Fearswoop toy myself.  This will happen.