September 30th, 2009

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Girls girls girls!

 Shortpacked!: He should have applied at McAwesome's.

Man, is Hasbro having a hard time with these three Arcee bike girls.

It's enough that they haven't seemed to have decided whether they are all a single three-part entity named Arcee, or if they're all three individuals who are yet still called Arcee...  But the big problem is Hasbro keeps mixing these girls up.

Case in point: Human Alliance Skids comes with an Arcee chick bike which it calls Arcee.  It's not.  It's Chromia's robot mode design, which transforms into Arcee's motorcycle design, but colored like Arcee.  There's a facepalm, fellahs.   Meanwhile, the Chromia that comes with Human Alliance Mudflap has Arcee's robot design and who knows which motorcycle she transforms into.  Is it the third Arcee chick's motorcycle design?  We haven't gotten very good looks at it yet.

Which brings us to this Robot Heroes figure of one of the Arcee motorcycle chicks.  It's labeled "Chromia" on the packaging!  It's colored like Chromia!  But the design sure as heck ain't.  Those funky spikes on her shoulders and the wheel-arm betray  her as the third Arcee girl.  (Hasbro's word differs day-to-day on what her name will end up as.  Flareup?  Elita-One?)   So, yeah.  Great.  She's the first Robot Heroes "animation error."

She's also my first ROTF bike chick toy period!  I don't own any of the transforming toys.  She comes with a Megatron I don't need, who's apparently in midtransformation.  Why?  These two come in a wave with another new set, but it's just more figures of Ratchet and Barricade.  I have them several times over.  I passed on 'em.