September 29th, 2009

I'm Batman

They're alike, but different! Different but alike!

Shortpacked!: The way to a man's heart...

So I totally picked up Superman Batman: Public Enemies this morning as promised. And the Best Buy version that came with the little Batman figurine, no less! (I was a little worried it be one of those retarded deals where the exclusives only come with the single-disc version. Thankfully, this was not the case.)

That's the figurine to the right. This is a very low angle, so he looks much bigger than he really is! He's about 3 inches tall, at my estimate. He's articulated at the neck and shoulders. Simple rotational joints. Not bad, really, for what it is. (This photo narrowly avoided a Hitler salute. That's basically all Batman's shoulder articulation is good for, especially since his palms are open and facing down.) Paint's good, sculpt's pretty neat, it does have limited articulation... and I got it and the accompanying DVD double-disc set for just under $20. Not bad at all. (Yeah, it rang up below $20, despite being listed at like $22 or $25.)

The movie itself? It's hard to talk about it in any helpful detail without spoilers, especially since I'd want to contrast it with the source material, so I'll make some brief comments here and then put the real spoilers under an LJ-cut.

First of all, the copy on the back of the DVD packaging claims that the feature "seethes with political intrigue." That is hilarious. That nugget out of the way, I have to say it was an enjoyable movie. It does play a lot with the source material. This is an adaptation, not a direct translation, make no mistake about it. You can probably imagine the stuff they left out. It's pretty easy to guess. But it was a fun romp that made sense most of the time, and you got to see superheroes with giant, bulging abs fighting a lot.

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So, hey, there's supposed to be this Target-exclusive line of toys about this movie by Mattel. Anybody know when those are supposed to show up? Is there a street date or something? The two Targets I hit today had nuffin'.