September 27th, 2009


A vision of the future

Shortpacked!: Excelsior!

To the right is the first panel of tonight's strip, but without narration boxes!  Dammit, I spent a long time on that background, and people are gonna appreciate every inch of it!  

(It's not really the right height-to-width ratio to easily make a good desktop wallpaper, but I welcome your efforts.)

Oh, hey!  Do you like Shortpacked! books!  Do you like Shortpacked! books but for some reason don't have Book 2 yet?  Do you like Shortpacked books on sale?

If so, you're in luck!  Shortpacked! Book 2 is on the chopping block for a mere $10, down from the original $15!  Remember, folks, Christmas is coming.

And, hey, do you remember our pal Hooper from It's Walky!?  Well, these days the Real Hooper is busy writing crazy Eighties-toyline-related stuff for!   "80s Toylines That Need To Be Movies" is his latest offering, and I suggest you give it a whirl.  If you remember "Hitler Medical School" from your childhood (and we bet you don't), this read will be a blast from your past.

And, yes, I do not lie, for Dennis Quaid is indeed all about the accelerator-suited horses.

Finally, last week brought us two new awesome webcomics from people everyone loves!  Not Invented Here is a new webcomic about Paul Southworth (Ugly Hill) and Bill Barnes (Unshelved)!  And the sequel to John Allison's Scary Go Round is Bad Machinery!  These are both worthwhile reads, if only for the pedigree involved.