September 24th, 2009


I'm a sailor! I sail! I'm sailing? AHOY!!!

Shortpacked! guest strip: THE LAST SHORTPACKED! GUEST STRIP... EVER!

Becky and Frank totally saved my bacon today!  The super-talented folks behind Tiny Kitten Teeth sent me today's guest strip, which single-handedly rescued me from the clutches of evil.  Just today I was able to hop back on the comic-drawing wagon, with Pirate Wedding becoming an ever-diminishing titan, disappearing slowly over the horizon.  And what a guest strip it is!  That is some fantastic artwork.  And those of you who were worried about Mike yesterday can be reassured that he continues in his ever-assholey reputation.  

New strips begin Monday!  I've just now put Monday's strip in the can, and it's a doozy.  I had to draw backgrounds.  BACKGROUNDS!  But it was worth it.  

I mentioned a few days ago of our mighty LEGO (brand) booty.  Our pal Swift works for LEGO, so it really shouldn't have been such a surprise that his wedding gift would be a LEGO pirate-themed set.   Thank you, Swift and your wife!  

This thing, "Brickbeard's Bounty," is a monster!  A good monster, like Grover or Telly, but a monster nonetheless.  I also mentioned a few days ago that this set has not one but two giant instruction manuals.  You require both, in sequence.  I, however, did not notice at first that there were two, and began happily with Book 2, completely unawares.  Thought it was pretty dang weird when it suggested I start with bag 3 and the captain's quarters!  

But, yeah, things got a little fishy when the instructions asked me to connect the captain's quarters with the rest of the mostly-completed hull.  No real tragedy, of course.  I backtracked to the first book with zero problem and the hull and quarters were reunited in no time.  

(That is a lie.  It takes a long-ass time to get sets of this size together.  Jesus Christ.)

Anyway, Brickbeard's pirate ship is sitting up on our mantle nestled between our other pirate-weddingly goods.  The supposed-to-be-kidnapped wench that the set comes with is at the ship's wheel, so I guess that says something, or something.


(Pssst.  Don't forget that the Amber statue from Patch Together is still up for preorder!  Preordering is the only way to get a statue!  No remainder will be sold!)