September 23rd, 2009

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I don't believe in no guests.

Shortpacked! guest strip: True art is angsty.

Tonight's guest strip is by Jhiaxus, the fellow you may remember by his Batman: Brave and the Bold guest strip he did earlier this year.  This time, he's remembered the Drama Tag was pulled.  No more lighthearted Batman jokes for you!

I was really happy to learn the other week that had put together an "upgrade" sticker set for the Ice Cream Truck toy of the two Revenge of the Fallen twins.  The unaltered toy is pretty plain, devoid of much of the decoration I feel such an altmode should possess.  Certainly in comparison to the vehicle's depiction in the film itself.  So, yeah, I scooped this up as soon as I was notified it existed, and the stickers (amongst others) arrived a few days ago.

The sticker set includes the "SUCK MY POPSICLE" decal the unaltered toy left off for obvious reasons.  It also has all sorts of tiny other details to add.  It does not, sadly, have new stickers to go over the "MADE FRESH FOR YOU" writing on the front two wheel hubs.  This ice cream truck is really really old, and I really don't think the world had Comic Sans back then.  (I am fairly certain this is the first Transformers usage of Comic Sans on an action figure.)  

After applying the stickers, I decided some additional painted details were needed.  Both the front and rear bumpers are supposed to be silver, so I grabbed my silver Sharpie marker and went to town.  Easy enough.  I also dabbed some more silver here and there, like on door handles and other tiny hinge-like details.  I think the toy looks much better now.  It's not nearly as dirty as the vehicle is in the film, of course, but the toy doesn't look sparse anymore.