September 22nd, 2009

Making ou madly with Maggie


Shortpacked! guest strip: Gettin' a little free with those honorifics, Rick.
Shortpacked! guest strip: Werewolves.

Here are the links for Tuesday and Wednesday's strips!  Tuesday's is by StrangeFour and Monzo!  Wednesday's is by Scout and Photoshop!    Wednesday's link will work in a few minutes, around 11 PM EST.

Sorry for no blog post last night, but I was off in some crazy log cabin in the middle of no where.  (Heartland Country Resort.  They fed us SO MUCH STEAK.)   Maggie has no time before school starts for a proper honeymoon, so we spent time at a bed and breakfast.  There were horses and goats and chickens and doggies!  We got to hand-feed the goats and chickens, and the next morning we did some horse riding.  The horse riding nearly killed me when the path wandered into the forest and my eyes and nasal passages started clogging up because I am a city nerd.  But still, it was kind of fun, even though the last third of the trip was experienced through layers of itchings and tears.

Things are still a super mess around here.  Nothing like discovering the rented carpet shampooer behind loads of boxes in the laundry room, the one that was due back a week ago.  YAY GOODBYE HUNDRED DOLLARS GOD DAMMIT.  Grargh.  On the other hand, I finally got some time to go by the Laughing Ogre to pick up last week's comics, and I spent some time putting together the LEGO (brand) pirate ship that Swift (Daniel) and Quez (Amy) got us.  It is so huge that there are two huge book-sized instruction booklets.  Two. 

Enjoy an adorable video of Maggie and I feeding some goats.  It doesn't look like much, but these guys weigh not a little, especially when they decided to shove their hooves into your crotch.  Again, still, super-fun!