September 17th, 2009


Shake it, baby.

Shortpacked! guest strip: Batcrashing the party.

Tonight's strip is by Aeire!   Long ago, she did a strip called Queen of Wands.  So long ago, I was still on Keenspot alongside her, drawing It's Walky!.  These days, she does Punch an' Pie with Chris Daily.  Both strips take place in a toy store!  Just like mine!  And Punch an' Pie has lesbians!  We basically do the same webcomic.

(If you like comic strips about Batman, this is about as good as they come.)

Saturday may be Talk Like A Pirate Day, and it may also be my wedding day, but it's also Aeire's birthday!  Find the Paypal Donation button near the bottom of her site and send her a buck or two!

Yeah, the wedding is imminent.  (I really like Fleen's dubbing of our wedding as "It's Wedding!")  Maggie is out at the moment having her bachelorette party.  My party is tomorrow night, after the rehearsal dinner.   So I have a few spare moments!  We're watching The Office on Tivo, me and a few friends who are in town early.


You should.