September 14th, 2009



Shortpacked! guest stripShit happens.

Tonight's strip is by the legendary David McGuire!  You know, a decade ago, he graced me with one of my earliest fanarts.  (And a much later one...)  So I'm really happy to see him attacking the subject of my characters in long-form.  And I do mean long!  He must have spent a month on it, I swear.  And those colors?  Damn!  I would love to suck that talent out through his forehead with a straw.

David's the mastermind behind Gastrophobia, a comic about Gastro and Phobia.  Who knew?

To the right are our wedding programs!  That's right, they're done minicomic style!  I could totally pass these out at SPX for a dollar.  At some point in the future (AFTER THE WEDDING) I'll let you folks have a closer look.

The Amber statue is still up for preorder!  Remember, dudes, once the preorders are done, that's it.  No more made!  Another helpful thing to know is that your credit card won't be charged until the figures are produced!  So if you're short on cash now but that's merely a temporary situation, it will be no problem.  You don't have to miss this Exciting OpportunityTM.