September 13th, 2009


Shortpacked!: invading the third dimension

Shortpacked!@TNI: The lesson is, you are fucked.
Shortpacked! guest comic: How'd he know?

While Maggie and I prepare for this weekend's Weddigeddon, Jeff Zugale (Just A Bit Off) fills in for today's strip.  Jeff is one of the friendliest and most talented folks in webcomics.  Seriously, look at this crazy shit.  He paints sex onto pages. 

Temporarily smoosh Jeff out of your mind for a moment.  Hey, remember when I promised you that 6-inch Amber statue?  Well, Patch Together has finally put her up for preorder

And, wow, she looks fantastic, if I may say so.

Here's how it works.  Amber's statue here will be a limited run.  How limited?  Well, as limited as the number of preorders.  If you want an Amber statue at any point in the future, you're gonna have to preorder her now - there won't be any remainder for sale after preorders have closed!

If Amber does well, there will be other characters to follow: Robin, Ethan, Mike - the sky's the limit.  But be warned.  Paul Taylor did some Wapsi Square statues through Patch Together, and after he'd gotten a handful of characters out there, there were a few who wish they'd started collecting them at the beginning!  Some sad people came up to him at San Diego Comic-Con this year, articulating their remorse.  (I believe he's thinking of doing a second, different Monica statue eventually to fill that demand.)

Don't be those people!  Get on board with statue number one.

Anyway, you can put Jeff back in your brain again.  Check out his variety of hairstyles!