September 6th, 2009


Destros and Dinobots and Batmen, oh my!

Shortpacked!@TNI: Sometimes Mike likes to show up in these.
Shortpacked!: On the Internet, you will read Leslie's opinion on things.

Today was a slow toy news week!  I know this because last week's Toy News International strip was still on the front page of TNI's website.  This is unfortunate, because I tend to scour its news every Sunday morning when I come up with the strip for that week.  But nada!  Bupkiss!  Zilch.

And so, instead I was forced to reach into my own life and experiences.  See, in two weeks we're having a wedding, which means there'll be a few folks staying over at our house, plus family will be there, and this place needs to look nice!  So I've been straightening.  I've figgered it's better to have toys on shelves than on the floor, and so I brought down a few unused shelving units from the attic and started puttin' stuff on them.  Y'know, just random stuff that had outgrown my desk, plus other detritus, yadda yadda.

Check out my Destros!  And my Dinobots!  And my Batmen!  (Yeah, apparently Ethan collects exactly what I do.  That's part of why Jacob is around.)  And, as you can see, it's a work in progress.  Need to figure out what goes in the blank spaces.  (Not a problem I'm really  used to, I gotta tell you.)

Man, you know I can't find just one of my Destros I know I have?  The Iron Grenadier one?  Dammit!  I know he's somewhere... He's one I end up photographing a lot since I put him in group shots with newer Destros I accumulate, but yet he's not in any of the Piles Of Things I've Photographed But Not Sorted Away.