September 4th, 2009


Of Suicide Squads and Death Panels.

Joyce and Walky!: Actually, I think neither are correct...

One of my favorite episodes of Justice League Unlimited was "Task Force X," the tale of Deadshot, Clock King, and a few other villains who were employed by the government to do their dirty work.  This episode was birthed out of a very similar group in the original DC comics, the Suicide Squad.  Legendary writer John Ostrander, who also transformed the crippled Barbara Gordon into the information broker Oracle, was the guy who conceived this version of the Suicide Squad.  

And he's going blind!

Mr. Ostrander has suffered from glaucoma for years, but despite having paid for excellent and expensive health insurance all his life, is being told that he has to pay up himself if he wants additional treatment.  (See, it's stuff like this that makes the United States health care system rank a mere 36th in the world.)

But thankfully, fans are reaching out to help him with this prohibitively expensive problem.  At, you can donate money through paypal or bid on one of hundreds of art pieces donated by the comics industry.  Me, I gotta pick something to offer to the cause, but in the meantime, please donate $10 or find a piece of art you want!  John Ostrander must be able to see!