September 3rd, 2009


He's basically Clark Gable.

Shortpacked!: No, not continued on Monday.

This morning on Twitter, Birds of Prey/Wonder Woman/Secret Six writer extraordinaire Gail Simone asked for suggestions for wallpaper.  I'm a quick artist, and so she had adorable Catman art in exactly 30 minutes!  I am super-flattered that she enjoyed my efforts.  This is so super cool.

I can be a quick photographer/blogger, too, but it doesn't always yield as-satisfying results.  Check out my rush job on the right!  Needed something to fill this blog space in roughly 30 minutes, and so I threw Zap into my Original 13 G.I. Joe display, which had been comprised of only twelve guys (and Robo-JOE) for the past several months.  (Zap's the green guy crawling over the logo.)

So, yay, Zap finally completes the original lineup, the one I had been fastidiously collecting for the past two years.  (Why?)  Wow, what a sea of green!   And I even have the wrong Hawk there (rushed as I was), so it'd be even greener if he were the earlier version.  

This display really needs a football jersey or sailor outfit or something.