September 2nd, 2009


A wee huey!

Shortpacked!:  Is he shit-talking Johnny Witts?  Oh no he didn't!

I don't got a lot of room for G.I. Joe vehicles.  Heck, I barely have any room for actual G.I. Joes.  But having a Wild Bill without some sort of helicopter just seems wrong.  It's like having the Lone Ranger without his horse.  Thing is, Joe helicopters can be pretty huge.  I can't justify the usage of space!

So I was happy to discover the Dragonfly XH1, from the live-action movie line.  It comes in a small box at the $25 pricepoint.  I spotted it yesterday, decided to think on it, and today after picking up new comics (Secret Six volume 1 TPB hooray!) we ended up back at that same Target, and I thought what the hell.  Impulse buy!

Graham kept telling me it was gonna be tiny.  "That's the point!" I kept saying.  I want it tiny!  And yet, it's not quite tiny enough.  It's actually a fairly good-sized helicopter.  Not deal-breakingly so, but ample.  (The photo to the right foreshortens it quite a bit.)

I don't own any of the modern, new-sculpt Joe vehicles, so this sated my curiosity on that front, as well.  I'm glad to see that the removable engine panels are still a running feature.  And they've added hidden spring-loaded missile launchers!  Just pull a trigger on the underside of the tail, and double-launchers erupt from each side.  Another trigger sends the missiles off.  And stickers are still a staple of the Joe vehicles, as well.  (Man, I both enjoy and detest applying them.)

The Dragonfly comes with a Movie-colored Wild Bill in blacks and dark greens.  His head is still tiny.  But because it was hilarious, I threw my new Wetsuit into the cockpit instead, flippers and all.  Ha ha ha ha.  

Note how big Wild Bill is compared to the Dragonfly.  Now, note how big he is on the photo on the back of the packaging.  Whoa, that's some misdirection there.  I mean, I figgered it must be a lie, what with the relatively tiny size of the box, but Cheezus Christ, Hasbro.  That's pretty shameless. 

One downside of the Dragonfly is the distinct lack of pegs to fit millions of other guys on there.  They aren't there, obviously, because this is a tiny-friggin' helicopter.  Joes would be bisected at the torso by the propellers.  But still, that's one of the appeal of Joe vehicles to me.  (And Action Master vehicles.)  I love piling on the dudes.  But, today, it is not to be.