September 1st, 2009

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Shortpacked!: The Distinguished Competition.

If you've been reading my blogs at all, you know my passion for Robot Heroes.  You also know my passion for Ravage!  Hooray, a Venn Diagram-esque intersection!

It's Robot Heroes Revenge of the Fallen-style Ravage!  Now, it's debatable who's the cutest, the figure of  Movie Ravage or his G1 counterpart.  Where it gets muddy is the realization that G1 Ravage is already pretty damn cute, super-deformed or not.  Movie Ravage, however, is a Geiger-esque monster with one eye and spikes and shit.  And yet... his figure is still adorable.  He is a happy one-eyed kitty.  (I'm sorry, is the preferred, technical term here "kitteh"?)  Does G1 Ravage win for being technically the most adorable, or does Movie Ravage win for trying the hardest?

Unlike G1 Ravage's Robot Heroes figure, who only has articulation at the neck, Movie Ravage has articulation at the neck, both shoulders, and both hips.  As you can see, though, this articulation doesn't amount to much, especially in the hind legs.  It is, however, pretty useful for getting him to wave.  He's very good at waving.  Shattered Glass Movie Ravage, anyone?

Ravage's packaging mate was Jolt, seen here on the left.  He's the blue guy with electro-whips that appeared in like two scenes in Transformers 2.  He's also the first Transformer toy in what must be years that actually managed to show up in stores without being stolen or officially solicited anywhere.  Weird!  We got stock photos of Ravage, but not Jolt.

Anyhow, Jolt's got articulation at the neck and shoulders.  He's Jolt.  He's super important!  (hahahaha)

And on the right is Mixmaster, the third Constructicon to reach Robot  Heroes status, after Rampage and Long Haul.  And he won't be the last, since Demolishor is coming out in the next wave of gift sets.  I don't expect any more after Demolishor and super-big Devastator, sadly.  Heck, I don't think they're even acknowledging Scrapper, Hightower, or Overload with toys, beyond that one Legends-scale set.  Laaaaaaame.

Well, if they do happen, it'll be as Robot Heroes, so maybe I should get my hopes up?  Eh.

Again, Mixmaster has articulation at the neck and shoulders.  He came packaged with a redeco of the first Movie Ironhide Robot Heroes figure, now in brownish gray.  Hooray?  Yeah, he didn't get photographed tonight.