August 31st, 2009


I wrote today's strip so I would like my JLU The Wizard toy.

Shortpacked!: This must be DC Week.

Tonight we saved a mantis!  Sort of.

We were out at Walmart tonight finding more plants to fill our garden, wanting the house to not look like crap when everyone's here for our wedding.  We grabbed a bunch, threw most in the trunk, but Maggie wanted to carry one in her lap because she was afraid it was more fragile.

Halfway home, I heard a shriek.  

Mantis on the dashboard!  Unfortunately, Maggie had the misconception that they were poisonous.  And that they could are likely to fly.  Well, whatever, I agree to pull over onto an offramp.  Maggie had opened up her window, which frightened it over to my side anyway, and driving with that thing on my bare leg seemed like inviting an accident.  

So we got the little guy out of the car.  And we left. 

This slowly began to bother Maggie.  We left it there!  In the middle of an offramp!  There was no green anywhere near this offramp.  This was an offramp in the middle of downtown.  He could travel for days (at his plodding speed) and never find a plant to sit on, or even another bug for that matter.  And he's on an offramp.  Splat city.

Maggie begins to cry, because she felt that her hysteria had unjustly ended this bug's life before its time.  It never did anything to anybody!  And, I explained, they don't really bite.  They're mostly big and they sit on things.  That's basically it.  If Maggie had known all these things, she wouldn't have freaked out, and we'd have just let him ride the dashboard home.

I suggested, as we finally neared home, to go on an insane mission to return, find, and rescue the thing.  In the dark.  On an offramp.  Maggie was very happy to, and so we did a big annoying detour around the city, with 315 being closed and all, and finally made our way back to that same offramp, in the location where we'd left him.  Again, these guys don't really move much.  He was still there.

We scooped him up in a shopping bag, drove home, and let him out into our garden.  Maggie was happy to see that he was very willing to jump out into the bush we picked for him.  (You know, one in which he's not too conspicuous.  It would be retarded if a bird ate him tomorrow.) 

We've named him George.

Summing up:  Yes, we saved a mantis.  After putting him in harm's way.  Guess that sort of balances out?