August 30th, 2009

I'm Batman

At least he never lost the mustache?

Shortpacked!@TNI: God is everywhere.
Shortpacked!: Sadly, this comic does not feature the voice stylings of Dino Andrade.

Picked up Deadshot yesterday for pretty much the imaginary reason Ethan did in this week's TNI strip.  Faulty, faulty logic.  We'll get a Catman, maybe.  Definitely a Bane at some point (oh god he'll be a build-a-figure won't he).  But the rest?  I shall not hold my breath.

Graham was amused.  See, I now own three Universe Classics.  They are Deathstroke, Killer Moth, and now Deadshot.  See the running theme? 

I'm actually half-way through playing Batman: Arkham Asylum!  That's pretty impressive, for me.  I usually get discouraged earlier on, unless it's a Mario game.  But no, this game is pure bliss.  It's amazing how accurately it creates the feeling of being Batman.  It's all about sneaking around, avoiding killing people, following forensic trails, and most importantly... man,  you are so not immune to bullets!  Guys with guns are not your friend.  That's where the sneaking around comes in to play, of course. 

The best part is when you unlock the "inverted takedown," which involves hanging upside-down from a gargoyle, descending on a zipline, grabbing a guy from the ground, and then suspending him from the gargoyle with a rope.  It is completely automated, but yet the most satisfying thing on Earth to do.

I was very relieved that Penny Arcade's comic didn't tread the same territory as mine.  On the other hand, they claim to have finished the game in like two days.  That was kind of emasculating.  Oh well, guess they're the pros.

Back to Deadshot: man, his outfit is positively awful.  He's like a Disco McDonald's.  And seriously?  He still looks like this?  Why?   It's not like they haven't tried out different, better looks, but DC always goes back to the same old terrible (but classic?) look.  On the other hand, he could still look like he did in his first appearance... ridiculous, but in a completely different way.