August 27th, 2009

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Shortpacked!: Stockroom scenes force me to actually work hard on my coloring.

I will buy any Transformer named Nightbeat, that much is clear.

I was happy to buy the actual new G1 Nightbeat, despite the lack of ears, but I also picked up that bird/MP3 player Night Beat 7 from the past movie line.  And I picked up this Nightbeat, from the Revenge of the Fallen line. 

Unlike the random bird Nightbeat, this guy has a bio to match his name.  He's a detective, and one who obsesses about solving mysteries.  And there's yellow flame deco on his doors!  Sounds like a Nightbeat to me! 

Though being a redeco of Dead End means that he's sculpted to look like a crazy vampire.  His mouth opens into a jagged sea of teeth.  His clawed hands beg to be posed melodramatically, like a creature of the night.  His bio says "detective" but his appearance says "i wanna eat your brains." 

He's not a bad Scout ($8 pricepoint).  When I first transformed him, trying to open up his trunk gave me such a pinch.  Ow!  So I do have a sorta Pavlovian aversion to transforming him, even though I've managed to avoid injury since.