August 26th, 2009


Featuring everybody's favorite Gomer Pyle epithet!

Shortpacked!: Now that's just pushing it.

I got my "Shazam Family 4-pack" in the mail this afternoon!  I was always sort of lukewarm on this set, since it features only one dude who made an actual appearance on the Justice League cartoon, Captain Marvel.  These other guys?  I considered them surplus to requirements.

(Though it was pointed out to me by Monzo soon after getting them that Black Adam was referenced by name in the cartoon.  A "Teth-Adam" sent some gift horses in "Ancient History," an episode mostly set in ancient Egypt.  I hope not-Hawkgirl and not-Green Lantern didn't look them in the mouth!)

But I've warmed up to this set considerably since I received it.  It helps, of course, that at least half of them now technically for-sure exist in the cartoon.  Plus Mr. Wizard, aka "The Wizard," sort of has to exist indirectly in order for Captain Marvel to get his powers.  And it turns out I have a crush on this Mary Marvel toy.  She has the most competent female head sculpt out of the whole friggin' line, by far.  Usually the JLU girls look like creepy monsters.  Yet Mary looks super-cute.  The paint is applied cleanly and precisely to her face and everything.  Holy cow.

And Black Adam, in addition to looking like Christopher Lee, is another villain toy.  I can't say no to new villains. 

Captain Marvel still has his infamous name troubles.  Marvel owns the name "Captain Marvel," so JLU Captain Marvel's packaging calls him "Shazam," quotes included.  Which is funny because Shazam is the name of the wizard.  And so the wizard doesn't even get to have his own name, what with it having been ganked by Captain Marvel, so he's "The Wizard" on his packaging.   Name-stealer!  Heck, even Mary Marvel has to go by "Mary Batson," her real name, instead of her superhero name.  Black Adam gets to keep his name unaltered because who the hell would want to steal it?  "Black Adam," seriously?

Current Justice League Unlimited packaging uses stills from the episodes of each character on the back of their packaging, but three of these dudes never make a visual appearance!  So - and this is awesome - the packaging uses control art instead.  Turn-arounds!  That is super-cool, so I made sure to scan them.  Well, I scanned Black Adam and Mary Marvel (with dropped puffy sleeves!).  Fuck that wizard dude.

I really don't care about the wizard.