August 25th, 2009

I'm Batman


Shortpacked!: Live vicariously.

Have a lazy photo! 

Today was my renaissance day.  Got a Joyce and Walky! strip drawn, updated its members list, dug out most of the weeds in the front yard and planted new flowers, mailed some Shortpacked! books, watched some audio commentary on the new Scrubs season 8 DVD set...  oh, and I found some time to play Batman: Arkham Asylum.  I mostly wanted to make sure I had a strip about it for Monday, but it's also pretty fun!  For me, a good test for a game is if I'm willing to play a level twice after failing it once.  If I can't be bothered, something's wrong.  Did not have that problem with Arkham Asylum.

(I don't play many video games.)

Hey, modern video games, I know it's kind of cool when you decide some attacks should happen in slow-motion or "bullet time."  But, dude, Batman sometimes slowly choking a dude into submission from behind just looks really disturbing.  Kthnx, David Willis

Anyway, expect a strip influenced by it on Monday.  Finished it up this evening.  

So I was left with a last-minute blog problem!  I have some new toys still left over from my convention travels, but I haven't had a chance to inspect them and fiddle with them long enough to really do them justice.  Heck, I haven't even opened one or two.  That is how things are these days.

I was missing my MP3 Soundwave when my Shattered Glass Decepticon logo stickers arrived.  And I finally found him, after months of him missing (he was in the car), but then I couldn't find the damn stickers.  But a bit ago I managed to locate them both, simultaneously, and "complete" my Shattered Glass Soundwave.  Doesn't he go well with Shattered Glass Ravage?  I think so.  And, man, that new red Deceptilogo really goes well with his red eyes.  This toy is like 100% more attractive.

Yeah, Soundwave's shoulder cannon is still hiding somewhere.  I'll find it eventually.